Return On Investment

Results are immediate ...

Practices using our Dialect Medical software immediately attract more new patient appointments, decrease ‘no-shows,’ reduce overhead costs, and save hundreds of hours annually on paper chart preparation.

A Healthcare Revolution

Dialect Medical is a progressive and performance driven software that was built to securely and effectively transform the new patient registration and form completion processes.

Dialect Medical

Our system provides a secure method for transmitting and retrieving sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI).

There is nothing secure about handling highly sensitive patient information on printed paper forms and passing this information between multiple front office staff members, often times in the presence of other patients.

Our Dialect Medical cloud-based software solution offers a HIPAA Compliant means of enabling only your most trusted staff members to retrieve all patient information and files through a secure and user-friendly admin interface.

Easy Integration, Updates & Changes ...

Dialect Medical securely generates patient files that can be seamlessly integrated into every Practice Management Software. Our solution can also be plugged into any website within minutes, even with no host access required! Need to update or change your patient forms? No problem at all. Our friendly team is happy to help, and most changes can be completed the same business day!

The Dialect Medical Process

Dialect Medical was thoughtfully developed by our team of talented Web Developers, User Interface (UI) Design Specialists, Infrastructure Engineers, Solutions Architects, IT Security Experts, and Medical Marketing Consultants. When a practice uses Dialect Medical to simplify the new patient registration and practice form completion processes, operations are streamlined and sustainable growth with decreased overhead costs becomes possible to achieve!

Dialect Medical

Using Dialect Medical

Sign-up for Dialect Medical and we’ll begin customizing a software solution based on your patient forms, needs, and specifications. Have more than one form type? No problem, all forms, patient records, and features can be managed from one single admin interface!


Confirmations & Alerts

When a patient completes and submits their information, they will receive an email confirmation and your office staff will receive an alert that new files are available to be retrieved from your admin interface!


Record Retrieval

Your staff will be able to login to your admin interface to securely retrieve all information submitted – including the signed patient forms with e-sign tracking data, patient ID, insurance cards, and even payment authorizations with credit card information!


Insurance Verification

No more spending valuable time on the phone to gather patient information and insurance card details! Our Dialect Medical solution simplifies the processes of insurance verification - long before appointment day!


Appointment Day

With no requirement to arrive early, print paper forms, or get called back to see the provider before forms are even completed, Dialect Medical makes appointment day less stressful and more enjoyable for both the practice and the patient! In the unlikely event that a new patient turns out to be a ‘no-show’ or an existing patient fails to appear for a booked procedure, your practice will now have signed authorization to bill for the missed appointment!


Increase patient retention, get better ratings, and enhance your reputation. When the patient’s first visit to your practice is less stressful, their first impression is more favorable!